Keeping up with a Healthy Lifestyle



When it comes to jump-starting an active day, no one knows the importance of fueling up on nutrition more than Bruce Jenner, gold medalist and father of 10- including the famous Kardashian clan. How does he keep everyone healthy and happy? Jenner is a big believer in breakfast, and finding fun ways to partake in active, healthy family pursuits.

"As an athlete, I am always looking for the best ways to help my family get active and eat right," said Jenner. "I do most of the grocery shopping and I have my go-to products like orange juice, oatmeal and nuts that I feel really good about because they are healthy and great-tasting. Just as important as healthy eating is spending quality time together with my family. And if we can save a little money at the same time then that's great, too."

Here are Jenner's top tips for keeping up with a healthy lifestyle:

Kick off the day with breakfast- No matter what, make sure everyone gets that first meal in and load it up with protein, whole grains and vitamins. Research indicates that breakfast eaters tend to have better, more nutrient-rich diets in general, so make it a family habit.

Juice up your family's nutrition- For about 50 cents per 8-ounce glass, orange juice is packed with nutrients including vitamin C, potassium, B vitamins like folic acid and thiamin. In fact, one 8-ounce glass provides two of the four recommended servings of fruit you need each day.

Go on a bike ride- Getting on a bicycle is something the whole family can enjoy, and doesn't require a lot of expense. Let your family pick their favorite destination and take turns guiding a tour.

Mix and match activities- Let each person in your family pick a day each month to do an activity they enjoy and have the whole family participate. You might end up on the dance floor, on a football field, or on the playground for a game of four-square- whatever you do, you're guaranteed a fun change of pace for all.

Get more bang for your buck- Watch for special coupons and online offers to help extend the family budget.

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